The Young Marines are a youth education and service program for boys and girls, ages 8 through completion of high school.

The Young Marines promotes the mental, moral, and physical development of its members.

The program focuses on character building, leadership, and promotes a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. The Young Marines is the focal point for the U.S. Marine Corps Youth Drug Demand Reduction efforts.

The Young Marines are open to all youth ages 8 through completion of high school. The only membership requirement is that the youth must be in good standing at school.

Young Marine units are community based programs lead by dedicated adult volunteers. Many of these volunteers are former, retired, active duty, or reserve Marines who believe passionately that the values they learned as Marines had a positive affect on them. It is through these caring adults that Young Marines learn the inner values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

Upon joining the Young Marine unit, youth undergo a 26 hour orientation program affectionately called "Boot Camp" After graduation, Young Marines learn new skills, earn rank, wear the Young Marine uniform and work toward ribbon awards. Young marines earn ribbons for achievement in areas such as leadership, community service, swimming, academic excellence, first aid, CPR, and drug resistance education.

During the summer months, Young Marines have the opportunity to attend the Young Marines National Summer Programs of: Adventures, Challenges, Encampments, and Schools.

Please do not misunderstand our intentions. It is not our goal to mold your children into Marines. We do not teach weapons, warfare or tactics. But we do wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on our cover and our uniforms are similar to the United States Marines. We take pride in our appearance and conduct. The Young Marine program is not a summer camp, day care or military school. It is a challenging, exciting and motivating program that requires commitment to excellence.

We conduct two Young Marine Recruit training sessions (boot camp) per year. Consisting of 26 hours of recruit training held in conjunction with our regular scheduled weekly meetings every Wednesday from 1830 hours (6:30 PM) to 2030 hours (8:30 PM). One in the fall and one in the spring. Initial cost to join the program is $85.00, due at parent/recruit orientation (1 week before recruit training starts). This will cover the Young Marine insurance, cover, belt, necessary unit patches, boot blousing bands, Red National Young Marine T-shirt, tan unit t-shirt, basic guide book, regimental and battalion dues.

Yearly cost is $35.00 to cover the cost of insurance, Division, Regimental, and Battalion dues, due every year between August 1st thru September 30th.

Uniforms are available from many sources and is the responsibility of the Young Marine. Average cost for Blouse, Trousers, and Boots is around $100.00. (uniforms are not needed until graduation) (Plain White t-shirt, jeans, Black Belt, and tennis shoes is all that is needed for recruit training)

Uniform supply links: in Clinton Township in Royal Oak & Waterford Online only Online only Online only

Mission. Young Marine recruit training is conducted in order to teach the Performance Objectives necessary to become a basically trained Young Marine who can succeed in school, at home, and in the Young Marine program, thereby becoming a quality citizen in society.

Training. Young Marine recruit training is comprised of not less than 26 training hours. Initial training focuses on building discipline, physical fitness, basic close order drill, and mastery of the Young Marine Performance Objectives for recruits.

Graduation Criteria. There are three graduation requirements for the successful completion of Young Marine recruits training.
a) Be signed off on all required Performance Objectives for recruit training.
b) Perform and record the Young Marine Physical Fitness Test.
c) Meet the minimum required attendance of not more than 3 excused absences during Young Marine recruit training.

Where we meet:
Marine Wing Support Group 47
Building 1435 
Selfridge Air National Guard Base
Mt.Clemens, MI 48045-5007

When we meet:
Every Wednesday 1830 (6:30 PM) to 2030 (8:30 PM)

For more information
Call (586) 949-9678 or email
Contacts for joining our unit are:

Jim Szczesny 586-949-9678 or e mail