Macomb County Young Marines



Young Marine Sgt Nicole Golder


Young Marine of the Year


 Now Hear This 


Re Registration is fast approaching us for the year. We will start to re register the unit on 30 July and end it on 27 August. If your Young Marine wishes to continue as a Young Marine with our unit they will need to re register and pay the $30.00 dues by 27 August.

Email Contacts

Unit Commander Mr Szczesny

Attendance Mr Overby

Young Marine Birthday's


Pvt N Ruck August 4th
Pvt Kylie Alves August 5th
PFC Pappert August 5th
Pvt Katlyn Alves August 8th
LCpl Shriber August 10th
LCpl J Lees August 15th
LCpl Dauphinais August 23rd

Birthday Balloon 

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