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Remember that we will not be meeting on Wednesday 26 November for Thanksgiving. Also we have our discount card fundraiser going on and the holidays are a great time to solicit your family for sales for your Young Marine/Recruit. We have set the goal of selling 10 cards for your salesmanship ribbon. If your Young Marine can sell 10 or more cards, they will be awarded the ribbon or the bronze star device if they have been awarded the ribbon already.

We also taking orders for our unit hoodies and these hoodies can be worn by all family members.

See Mrs. Chunn for both of these items.

Email Contacts

Unit Commander Mr Szczesny

Attendance Mr Overby

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Young Marine Birthday's


LCpl Urbanchock November 10th
LCpl Brozowski November 15th
Pvt Geist November 18th
Rct Hughes November 22nd
PFC J Vanassche November 29th


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