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2013 Young Marine Ball
Relay for Life
Macomb Country Young Marine Team

The Relay for Life event takes place starting Saturday 17 May @ 1000 hours to Sunday 18 May @ 1000 hours. Please get the word out to everyone that you know to come out and enjoy the day walking the track and supporting the teams as they sell products to raise money for Cancer research. This is a community service event for our Young Marines. Visit our team home page to donate to our team, join our team, or to get more information on this event.
Young Marine Run Team

This is a team of interested individuals that would like to attend some 5 K runs that the unit is looking at attending throughout the year. Individuals can be any immediate family member (Mom, Dad, Brother, & Sister) and of course the Young Marines. The goal is not to train to break any running records although your Young Marine will see some improvement on his or her run during the P.F.T. Our goal is to introduce a healthy drug free lifestyle that would include the whole family if they choose to participate. We do not care if someone wishes to participate in this training and join our team and out on these runs, walks the whole 5K (3 miles). Most of these 5K’s we are choosing will be geared for fun either running through some mud or foam, going over obstacles, through a trail system, and we also have found some that as you run or walk have bio-safe dye tossed at you. Take a look at an example of what we are looking at So take a look at the attached Couch to 5K training sheet and think about getting your Young Marine and the whole family involved. On this sheet, you will see that there is a space under each scheduled workout that will need a parent to verify if a Young Marine or sibling completed the workout.  Parents, I think we can trust your integrity and will not need a signature for your completed workout if you so choose to participate in the training for the team. Remember that this is on the honor system (integrity) and all we can do is forward the training to you, you must choose to join and train. As an incentive to all, we have also decided that if anyone signs up for the training and can complete it, we would have team t-shirts made up, a set of dog tags, and we are looking at another surprise to award for completion. Next Wednesday 2 April, I will have a signup sheet for gauging how many people are interested in taking up the training, so we can plan on how many t-shirts and awards to prepare for completion.

 Now Hear This 


Congratulations to all of our Young Marines with all the awards and promotions Wednesday. Thank You to all the parents that could stay after the ceremony and listen in on the gathering. Other than the updated base security requirements and making sure that everyone follows the rules and regulations of both the base security and the Marines that host our unit, the other items we discussed were as explained, extra Young Marine curricular activities. I hope you and your Young Marine choose to participate in these activities to improve your Young Marine expereince.

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Unit Commander Mr Szczesny

Attendance Mr Overby

Young Marine Birthday's


PFC B Lees April 5th
Pvt Kamradt April 6th
LCpl Leib April 16th
PFC Matic April 18th
PFC E Ruck April 28th

Birthday Balloon 

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